[ after meeting Glen Baskerville, Oz Vessalius has locked himself in his room kthnx ]

((open to all))
Hiatus for Oz/Dean/Leto/Kirk/Yuri/Haruki/Stefan/Sherlock/Lance/Tyson/Albert. I'm off on the 10th and I'll be back on the 18th. Assume they are doing... stuff.


Apr. 17th, 2011 10:58 pm
[ subconscious adventures in my head! w00t ]

Jaaaaaaaaaaack. Jaaaaaaaaaaaack.
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-got kidnapped! So what's new about that.
-As usual, he did his adapting thing, put it in perspective and acted like himself! It was only after Doumeki pointed out that it's still bad that Oz actually... mentally freaked a little. Now he's looking at himself and wondering how mental he is for the first time.


-basically used this crisis to avoid thinking about himself. And it worked! derpderp doing things sanely.  But crisis has passed and Dean's stuck with trying to figure himself out. He might just go exploring and kill things for a while.

-expended a lot of leafe putting out the fires. He's probably in his cabin, flickering like a winner. So he's resting a lot in his cabin, keeping a distance from people.


-Kazuki died! And Haruki is... slowly going more mental. On one hand, he planted Ruka to divert Kazuki's path. On the other hand... he's impatient. The world is driving him up the wall. He seriously wants to unwind himself, talk to someone but there's no one in camp that he would confide in.

-roofied Arthur and locked him in his room. NOT SAFE FOR PRINCES.

Everyone else did something.
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Oz Vesalius
-went back for a day
-checked up on Pandora, reassured them that yes, they're still alive and so on
-probably spoke to Liam and got updated on ...stuff.
-I'm levelling him up to Scythe user. His new power whenever he goes crazy :D

Dean Winchester

-spoke to Bobby
-got laid
-killed things
-came back

-grew flowers!
-went to the beach!
-collected seashells!
-was happy!
-girlfriend died!
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[wandering around in his own head]

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Where did you go?
[in a dark and empty... ish forest...]
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This will contain spoilers for the latest chapter. Kinda.

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Questions, thoughts, why is Oz nuts???
So the latest chapter was all kinds of badtouch for Gil and helpful information and stuff.

But mostly, this interested me the most.

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So like Dean hit 10k about a month ago... Oz hit 15k this week... Haruka is reaching 10k... (is anyone getting the impression I spam? Anyone?)

I think it's about time I had an Anything Goes Meme. Ask me stuff blah blah.  I play Aerrow | Oz | Haruka | Virgil | Dean | Casshern | Yui | Sun-woo | Bumblebee

I just like this icon a lot :|

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Being banned from internet and. stuff. I will keep people posted through Toph and Frau.

Hopefully things will work out soon.
[There's a watch hanging by the door of the cabin and Oz is touching it carefully]

... So that is where the story went.
Sharon: A lovely silver bracelet with tiny flower on top.
Gil: A ribbon made for his hat and a new coat.
Fuuma: A travel diary. Leatherbound with a metal clasp.
Ari: A recipe book of cakes that Oz compiled himself.
Naruse: Over the Rainbow played by Oz on the violin
Canaan: A fancy hand-held mirror
Raikou: A purse.
Gingerbread Cabin: A bouquet of flowers and a card with "Merry Christmas from Oz" and lots of roses decorated on it.

If you want to thread her, put IC in your comment header.

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I have revamped Oz's icons. All threads will look weird, yada yada, I'M REALLY SORRY.

On the plus side, Blair, I can finally thread with you since I have my boobsquish icon.
[humming to himself in the Gingerbread cabin, a smile never leaving his face]

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